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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1271 – Battle Spectating clip curly
“The mighty Lucas shall overcome alongside you…” Zhou Wen vaguely listened to Lucas’s tone of voice, but he ignored him.
He was still a multitude of kilometers out of the basin, and he still couldn’t good sense the matter within. Having said that, there is almost nothing he could do. All he could do was put it off with patience, expecting that he or she could method again when the surging forces damaged.
Cave Period of time said, “The two celebrations working in the challenge are undoubtedly at the Calamity quality. Once we have been provide, we could possibly determine one thing. Although manufactured satellite’s recording capacities are wonderful, it will probably be tough to take the real body system of Calamity-level pets.”
This won’t do. Should I keep on getting close to, the armour will disintegrate. Zhou Wen noticed the Dragon Ruler armor creaking. It was subsequently about to failure, so he simply had to cease getting close.
“What alarming ability. It is a Calamity-standard combat, appropriate?” Blood vessels Shaman explained with ongoing fear as he checked out the projection obtained from the synthetic satellite.
He was still dozens of kilometers off the basin, in which he still couldn’t perception the problem inside. Nevertheless, there seemed to be almost nothing he could do. All he could do was wait with consideration, praying which he could method once more as soon as the surging factors vulnerable.
Even so, Zhou Wen wasn’t her match up, so this appeared to be a fantastic program. The woman’s along with the precious metal flower’s power appeared to be fading, so Zhou Wen resolved to accept chance to have a look.
The synthetic satellite in the Exclusive Examination Bureau was the first one to get the terrifying Sacred Light-weight there. Since the director with the bureau, Wei Ge immediately tried out to obtain the unnatural satellite to video the specific situation there.
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Let Me Game in Peace
“What frightening power. It is a Calamity-class combat, right?” Bloodstream Shaman reported with residual anxiety since he looked at the projection extracted from the manufactured satellite.
If he allow the gal get away safely, she might chase soon after him when she retrieved. As a result, Zhou Wen knew this was actually a scarce program. He acquired to have a look.
This won’t do. Should I carry on drawing near, the armor will disintegrate. Zhou Wen felt the Dragon King armour creaking. It was actually getting ready to fail, so he needed to end getting close to.
Because it was too far out, it was beyond Wonderful Brahma and Reality Listener’s array.
“Now, the frightening presence within the hut is pursuing us. Anyone, separate and get away. We will have a discussion down the road,” Zhou Wen reported as he fast carried absent.

Initially, the unnatural satellites were only employed to notice the predicament on the Venusian dimensional areas. They never supposed to see this type of massive battle.
Chapter 1271: Battle Spectating
But they could only take the Holy Gentle as well as collapsing stones, it was still shocking. These types of energy was obviously not a result of Venusian inner mobility. It needed to be a consequence of some animals dealing with, but they couldn’t look at it.
Zhou Wen didn’t dare get too near. He only sensed the Heart and soul Electricity fluctuations from afar and roughly confirmed the combat situation.
Zhou Wen teleported to Venus once more, but he didn’t appear near to the rift valley. Nonetheless, he could feeling the force changes right from it. Despite becoming so far away, he could still glance at the land surface tremble. Plainly, the combat was still on-going.
“Let’s delay and then determine. Perhaps you will have a response before long,” Immortal reported when he checked out the projection calmly, just like he wasn’t uneasy in any way.
If he have the female break free carefully, she might run after immediately after him when she healed. For that reason, Zhou Wen believed that it had been a unusual program. He got to take a look.
However, Zhou Wen wasn’t her match up, so this seemed to be a superb chance. The woman’s and also the metal flower’s strengths seemed to be diminishing, so Zhou Wen made the decision to take the risk to have a look.
The reason humans could explore this combat was because of a variety of factions utilizing spatial teleportation to place some artificial satellites near Venus.
“Let’s wait and see. Potentially you will find a solution soon,” Immortal reported as he looked over the projection calmly, like he wasn’t nervous by any means.
What is the foundation of the stainless steel plant? It may actually battle that horrifying girl to this sort of extent. It seems like it is on par with her. Zhou Wen sensed the power changes and realized that the steel flower’s vibrational forces were still extremely powerful. It wasn’t suppressed through the women.
This won’t do. Should I keep on coming, the armor will disintegrate. Zhou Wen sensed the Dragon Queen armour creaking. It was subsequently on the verge of fail, so he needed to quit drawing near.
However, when they uncovered this combat, it turned out already towards the end.
Chapter 1271: Challenge Spectating
Nevertheless, the moment they found this battle, it was already right at the end.
Currently, the mankind on the planet also found out this horrifying challenge.
However, Zhou Wen wasn’t her match up, so this seemed to be a very good opportunity. The woman’s and the steel flower’s powers appeared to be diminishing, so Zhou Wen decided to accept risk to have a look.

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